FHA Mortgage programs for lower credit scores

We understand that a credit report and the corresponding credit score is only a snap-shot of an individual’s projected creditworthiness at one moment in time.

Are you someone who feels that the credit score does not accurately reflect who you are?

Many people are in the same position.

We offer two a two-step option for borrowers with credit scores that might be a bit low.

1.  We do a FREE CREDIT ANALYSIS that can determine whether we can immediately raise credit scores by performing certain tasks.  It may include paying down the balance on a revolving credit card or paying off a collection account.  Our advice is don’t do anything until you talk with us.  Our analysis will give us the road map to follow.

2.  If the scores are still lower than they should be we offer FHA-insured mortgage programs for lower credit scores.  We will talk with you about these options.

Allied Funding Group has one goal – to get you the mortgage that best fits you whether it is for purchase or refinance.